Steven Fistell


Making Quality Art Accessible to the Masses Through Digital.


What I do

I am a former magazine illustrator and portrait artist and now create art strictly for myself. Earlier pursuits include art columnist and art tour company founder. 

I have taught high school and college art, engaging students of all ages in a course I call "Creative Imagination", employing limit breaking exercises to spark hidden creative potential - a perfect complement to traditional art instruction. I was even a courtroom artist. If I was a cowboy, I'd be called the fastest draw in the west! 

My Work

My work ranges from realism to abstraction, exploring each style in relation to their art historical roots. Subjects spring from both human and natural forms, allowing for a free interpretation of the world without restriction.


For now, available works are in digital download form.  Please inquire if you wish to purchase original, framed or unframed pieces.

Works for purchase may include original paintings and mixed media, along with photography and high quality, limited edition laser prints. I often turn these limited editions into a series of new original works by working into the image with various mediums, such as ink, gauche and acrylic.